1st Stock Assessment Working Group (SAWG1) workshop

Meeting Date
Thursday, March 15, 2018 to Sunday, March 18, 2018
Meeting Type
Stock and Ecological Risk Assessment Working Group
Saint-Denis, La Reunion
Meeting documents
Attachment Size
SAWG(2018)-01-01 Meeting Notice.pdf 261.36 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-01 A Observers list.pdf 172.15 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-01 B Participants Registration Form.xls 32.5 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-01 C (Rev_1) Template for Submission of Papers.docx 24.67 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-01 D List of Hotels.pdf 311.34 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-01-E List of meeting documents..pdf 108.15 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-01-F Participants List.pdf 21.05 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-02 Provisional Agenda.pdf 114.38 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-02 (Rev_1) Provisional Agenda.pdf 117.64 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-02 (Rev_2) Provisional Agenda.pdf 271.53 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-02 (Rev_3) Provisional Agenda.pdf 224 KB
SAWG (2018)-01-03 Preparation for orange roughy SA+HCR (final 13.02.2018).pdf 1.53 MB
SAWG(2018)-01-04 Orange Roughy Age Readings from Sleeping Beauty.pdf 374.51 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-05 Stock assessment of orange roughy Walter's Shoal. Cordue, 2018.pdf 1.53 MB
SAWG(2018)-01-06 Assessment of orange roughy stocks SIOFA Areas 1, 2, 3a and 3b. Cordue, 2018.pdf 157.97 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-07 Assessment of orange roughy stocks SIOFA Areas 1, 2, 3a and 3b. PRESENTATION.pdf 114.23 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-08 (Rev_1) Summary of historical orange roughy catch (Mar 6 2018).xlsx 229.37 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-09 Stock assessment of orange roughy Walter's Shoal PRESENTATION .pdf 360.13 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF01 FAO acoustic WS 2017.pdf 860.01 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF02 ICES Data Limit Stock Guidance Report 2012.pdf 787.2 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF03 Report Pacific armorhead WS(2012).pdf 183.56 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF04 Orange Roughy Stock Assessments(2014).pdf 992.95 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF05 Deepwater WS-Report(2017)(SPRFMO).pdf 958.08 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF06 Tiered-assessment WS report(SPRFMO(2017).pdf 971.63 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF07 SEAFO_EmpiricalHarvestRules.pdf 618.09 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF08 Romanov, 2003_Part1.pdf 4 MB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF08 Romanov, 2003_Part2.pdf 3.98 MB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF08 Romanov, 2003_Part3.pdf 2.31 MB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF09 OR biomass estimation in SIOFA - acoustic data. CISRO, 2018.pdf 1.1 MB
SAWG(2018)-01-INFO10 Review of SIOFA OR acoustic data. CISRO, 2018.pdf 4.77 MB
SAWG(2018)-01-INF011 Global Review of Alfonsino, pages 121-123. Shotton,R. 2016.pdf 206.92 KB
SAWG(2018)-01-INFO12 A virtual research environment to run stock assessment models_reduced.pdf 3.39 MB
Hotel Saint-Denis CLOSURE NOTICE.pdf 258.07 KB
Meeting Photo