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Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA/APSOI)

C/O DAAF, Bâtiment B Parc de la Providence

97489 Saint-Denis Cedex La Réunion


Office hours are usually Monday-Friday 7:00am to 16:00pm La Réunion time (UTC+4)

Executive Secretary: Mr Thierry CLOT Email: Thierry_Mail Tel: +262 9 7631 8970 Mobile: +262 6 9344 4495

Data Officer: Mr Pierre PÉRIÈS Email: Pierre_Mail Mobile: +262 6 9237 6395

Science Officer: Dr Marco MILARDI Email: Marco_Mail Mobile: +262 6 9340 4010

Compliance Officer: Mr Johnny LOUYS, email: Johnny_Mail, mobile +262 6 9344 3535

SIOFA Chairperson (Mauritius)
a new chairperson will be nominated soon

For all reports related to IUU, Vessel Authorisation, Inspection, Control and Monitoring (including Entry and Exit reports) Email: MCS_Mail