SIOFA Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem Mapping

Submitted by mmilardi on Wed, 2022-12-21 06:07


Grant agreement ID
Funding program
EU Voluntary Contribution
Total Budget
78,380 EUR
EU Contribution
78,380 EUR
Coordinated by
Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA)
Sub-contractors and consultants

Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) - Paris - France


The general objective is to map biogeographical regions of vulnerable marine ecosystems in
the agreement area. The objective would be reached following well defined steps: compile,
clean and verify occurrence and environmental data, evaluate the quality of occurrence data
and determine an optimal resolution for analyses, develop and compare multiple
bioregionalisation schemes, project future trends according to different climate change
scenarios and synthesis.
The main output is to be able to implement specific conservation measures in regards of the
fishing activity to prevent the negative impact on those vulnerable marine ecosystems.


SIOFA Executive Secretary (Mr Thierry Clot,