Fifth Meeting of the Parties

Meeting Date
Monday, June 25, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018
Meeting Type
Meeting of the Parties
Attachment Size
MoP5 Report FINAL.pdf 7.25 MB
Meeting documents
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SIOFA CC2 and MoP5 Meeting Notice.pdf 1.58 MB
MoP5 Participants Registration Form.xlsx 17.2 KB
Template for MoP Meeting Papers.docx 23.05 KB
MoP5-Doc01 Rev3 Provisional Agenda.pdf 161.21 KB
MoP5-Doc01 Rev4 Agenda.pdf 161.01 KB
MoP5-Doc02 Rev1 Provisional HoD Agenda.pdf 97.73 KB
MoP5-Doc03 List of Documents.pdf 152.54 KB
MoP5-Doc04 Table of agenda items and related papers.pdf 161.52 KB
MoP5-Doc05 Rules of Procedure of Meeting of the Parties.pdf 923.77 KB
MoP5-Doc06 Participants List..pdf 54.88 KB
MoP5-Doc07 France Territoires proposal on definition for 'new fisheries' (Submitted 25-05-2018) 1.13 MB
MoP5-Doc09 SARPC request for SIOFA Observer Status (Submitted 05-04-2018) 1.58 MB
MoP5-Doc10 IOC Request for SIOFA observer status (Submitted 23-04-2018) 1.12 MB
MoP5-Doc11 SIOFA Financial Report & External Auditor Report 2018_reduced (Submitted 01-06-2018) 1.78 MB
MoP5-Doc12 Deadlines for proposal submissions for CC and MoP Meetings (Submitted 05-06-2018) 198.83 KB
MoP5-Doc13 Classification of CC and MoP Meeing documents (Submitted 05-06-2018) 202.63 KB
MoP5-Doc14 Draft SIOFA 2019 Budget (Submitted 20-04-2018) 1.02 MB
MoP5-Doc14 Rev1 Draft SIOFA 2019 budget.pdf 819.53 KB
MoP5-Doc15 Secretariat Report on Financial Resources .pdf 776.27 KB
MoP5-Doc16 Secretariat report on staff resources and secretariat activities.pdf 776.52 KB
MoP5-Doc17 Summary of reports provided to the Secretariat 854.54 KB
MoP5-Doc18 - Third Meeting of the SIOFA Scientific Committee PPT presentation.pdf 891.6 KB
MoP5-Prop1 Cook Islands proposal for OR Biological Reference Points and HCR (Submitted 10-05-2018) 518.99 KB
MoP5-Prop13 Arrangement between SIOFA and CCAMLR (Submitted 25-05-2018) 190.17 KB
MoP5-Prop 14 MoU between SIOFA and ACAP (Submitted 25-05-2018) 274.06 KB
MoP5-Prop 14 Rev1 MoU between SIOFA and ACAP (Revised 12-06-2018) 911.58 KB
MoP5-Prop15 SIOFA and SWIOFC Collaboration - A concept note (Submitted 25-05-2018) 808.13 KB
MoP5-INFO-01 Rev1 Status of the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement.pdf 1.1 MB
MoP5-INFO-02 Information paper related to CMS Proposal (MoP5-Prop04).pdf 227.19 KB
Report of the Third Meeting of the SIOFA Scientific Committee.pdf 3.27 MB
MoP5 Report FINAL (minus annexes).pdf 358.09 KB
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