Scientific Committee circulars

Title Date File
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/16 Link and registrations for SC-EXTRA1 SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-16-Link-and-registrations-for-SC-EXTRA1.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/15 Documents for the Extraordinary meeting of the SIOFA Scientific Committee SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-15-Documents-for-SC-EXTRA1.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/14 Extraordinary meeting of the SIOFA SC, 1st June 2023 SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-14-Extraordinary-meeting-SC.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/13 SC medium-term workplan prioritization SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-13-SC8-Workplan-Prioritization.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/12 Adoption of the SC8, WSHSPA-2023 and WSDWS-2023 Reports SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-12-SC8-WSHSPA-WSDWS-Meeting-reports.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/11 Tenerife meeting practicalities SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-11-Tenerife-meeting-practicalities.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/10 Submission of Proposals for the 8th Scientific Committee (SC8) SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-10-Working Papers.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/09 Workshop on deepwater sharks in the SIOFA Area (WSDWS-2023) - Updates SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-09-Shark-Workshop-Data-availability-and-extension_0.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/08 Update for the workshop on deepwater sharks SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-08-Sharks-Workshop-Taxa-and-Experts.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/07 SC8 Revised Provisional Agenda SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-07-SC8-revised-provisional-agenda.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/06 Sharks-Workshop-revised-provisional-agenda SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-06-Sharks-Workshop-revised-provisional-agenda.pdf
SIOFA SC circular 2023/05 Revised provisional Agenda for the Joint Meeting of Parties and Scientific Committee Workshop on Harvest Strategy Pre-assessment SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-05-HSPA-Workshop-revised-provisional-agenda.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/04 Workshop on deepwater sharks in the SIOFA Area SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-04-Sharks-Workshop-provisional-agenda_0.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2023/03 MoP-SC joint Workshop on harvest strategy pre-assessment SIOFA-SC-Circular-2023-03-HSPA-Workshop-provisional-agenda.pdf
SIOFA SC Circular 2022/02 Provisional Agenda for SC8 SC-Circular-2023-02-SC8-Provisional-Agenda.pdf
SIOFA SC-CIRCULAR 2023/01 - 8th Meeting of the Scientific Committee, MoP-SC Workshop on Harvest Strategy Pre-assessment, and the SC Workshop on Deepwater Sharks in SIOFA Area SC Circular 2023-01 SC8 Invitation and working arrangements.pdf